Renewed right to use the Key Flag Symbol for primary production products

Products made in Finland and services produced in Finland are eligible for the Key Flag Symbol. In addition, the domestic content of the product or service must be at least 50 per cent. On average, the domestic content of Key Flag Symbol products is over 80 per cent.

On 17 October 2017, the Key Flag Symbol Committee granted the right to use the Key Flag Symbol to our following primary production detergents:

  • F 3 Robo KE
  • F 2 Robo E
  • F 4 Robo H
  • F 202 Virkku
  • F 206 Torkku
  • F 215 Neste-Kope
  • F 1 Farm
  • F 200 Kope
  • F 201 Tisko
  • Kiilto Aspi Powder
  • Kone-Tisko
  • F 203 Pintty
  • F 204 Jama
  • F 208 Nanneli Soap
  • Käsi-Tisko

Learn more about our primary production products labelled with the Key Flag Symbol here!

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