Becoming international and Finnish – at the same time

Work plays a large part in our lives. In addition to providing our livelihood and everyday life, work represents belonging to a group, it keeps us active and motivates us to develop our competence. Work helps us form our professional identity, which is a part of us: what we respect, how we perceive ourselves and what kind of values we represent in working life.

The date 1 December is the Osta työtä Suomeen (“Buy Work to Finland”) day, which is celebrated to promote the results of Finnish work and the impact that buying Finnish products and services has.

Kiilto has been part of building the story of Finnish work almost as long as Finland has existed as an independent state: Kiilto was established in 1919 and Finland gained its independence in 1917. Today, the Kiilto Family Group employs almost 800 people in Finland and abroad. Our roots lie deep in the Finnish soil, which is precious to us.

Corporate culture as a success factor

With financial growth, the number of our obligations also grows. As an employer, we are responsible for creating team spirit to which our personnel connect, and showing what the identity of a Kiilto employee is. We continuously evaluate and develop our ways of working with which we improve our corporate culture that transcends geographical boundaries, is easily assumed and supports well-being. We want to pass on the great legacy of a Finnish family business but still be courageous enough to renew, incorporate influences and look far enough to the horizon. It’s important to know that being Finnish and international are not perspectives that exclude one another.

We are a business that proudly represents the Finnish flag and has a vision all the way to 2080. We are building a sustainable future and creating well-being from cleanliness. We truly understand the value of Finnish work, which is why we think that a theme day to remind us is important. In Finland, the working conditions as well as ethical and environmental aspects of work are taken into account at all workplaces, and the flaws can be addressed efficiently.

To be Finnish is to be international. Nowadays, Finnish products are valued as part of global everyday life. There is still a lot of unused growth potential. When we, on 1 December, check that the product we are buying definitely carries the Key Flag Symbol, let’s also think together about how we could tell its story to others who value quality, competence and responsibility.

Read more about the Osta työtä Suomeen (“Buy Work to Finland”) day from the website of the Association for Finnish Work (in Finnish).

Ville Solja
Chief Business Development Officer
Kiilto Family Oy