Финские продукты для автомойки

KiiltoClean has developed an eco-friendly range of products for washing all types of vehicles. The Finnish products were developed at our product development laboratory in Turku. The washing products in the range are intended especially for Finnish conditions where cleaning issues arise due to mud in the autumn and salt in the winter.

The products are manufactured at our factories in Turku and Hankasalmi, and from there they find their way to our customers through our logistics centre. The Raisio logistics centre handles orders and ensures that our customers receive their products quickly and reliably.

Kiilto Car Soap can be used to wash cars, trailers and boats, and Kiilto Prewash can be used for very dirty surfaces if needed. Kiilto Wheel Cleaner can be used to wash grime from tyres and rims. Kiilto Fleet Wash, an alkaline detergent intended for heavy dirt and grease removal, can be used to wash lorries and articulated lorries.